Tratok Has Delivered Ahead of Schedule. Will the Travel & Tourism Industry Ever Be the Same?

Tratok's travel platform is just around the corner

Only three months after the launch of Tratok, The World's Travel Token, the travel platform has already completed the extensive first rounds of alpha testing and is scheduled for public launch on February 1, 2019.

Only three months after the launch of Tratok, The World’s Travel Token, the travel platform has already completed the extensive first rounds of alpha testing and is scheduled for public launch on Feb. 1, 2019. Initially available for desktop-based browsers further iterations of the application will soon be available for both the iPhone and Android later in 2019.

The application has been carefully developed and leverages blockchain technology to further Tratok’s vision of a more transparent, fair and decentralized travel industry, empowering both end users and service providers to derive maximum benefits. Combining reviews, bookings, payment, and an interactive social media & chat, Tratok provides a new experience of travel to a new generation of millennial customers who seek more value for money, unique experiences and have a thirst to travel the world.

The Tratok Travel Application features a new private rentals module, allowing property owners around the globe to rent out their lodgings on a short- or medium-term basis through a direct peer to peer platform. When asked about the benefits of such a system, Tratok Ltd’s custodian, Mohammed Altajir commented: “By making such a possibility available, Tratok is delighted to make travel more accessible. By lowering costs and encouraging interaction with locals, travel becomes not only more possible to millennials but also a more genuine cultural experience. It is the first of many modules to be included in the Tratok ecosystem that will restore balance to the $7.6 trillion travel and tourism industry.”

Across the entire platform, Tratok has placed user experience as a top priority, undergoing two months of enhancements following thorough beta testing by hand-picked members of the public. In addition, the platform offers unique clean and transparent communication, both Customer to Customer and Business to Customer, combined with a seamless payment experience via blockchain technology, utilizing the Tratok tokens' powerful smart contracts. Unlike existing setups, customers are directly in contact with the service providers they are utilizing. In addition, Tratok Ltd will not be charging a booking commission but merely a standardized transaction fee. The result of this? A cost which is a tiny fraction of the next most competitive industry rate. This results in greater savings for consumers and greater profit for service providers; a welcome development in an industry where increasing competition is squeezing margins.

As well as a solving the problems of communication bottlenecks, slow and expensive transactions, and fraud, Tratok goes even further to enhance stakeholder experience and ensure a transparent and fair marketplace. Rather than rank service listings on a revenue sharing or pay per click model, services are fairly ranked based on a combination of verified reviews, user preference and the user’s friend’s preferences based on an advanced algorithm powered by a constantly evolving artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Launched seven months ahead of schedule, the platform will reward the first one million users to sign up with free Tratok tokens in order to enhance Tratok Ltd’s vision of widespread adoption. In an industry where many other startups have raised money from the public via ICOs and have not developed further, the privately funded Tratok Project is months ahead of schedule and the competition. By addressing real problems and delivering products instead of empty promises, Tratok is a breath of fresh air and a beacon of light for those who genuinely understand the power of blockchain to disrupt existing processes and make changes in everyday life. Further details on how the public can access the platform will be announced prior to the launch.

Source: Tratok Ltd


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